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How much does a shared holiday home cost?


The Gites Cottage and Grenier will be leased to 10 individual co-owners each.


For each co-owner:

Length of contract is 25 years

One off payment € 25.000 for first 8 people benefiting from our introductory special offer

One off payment €35.000 for the others

You get 5 weeks per year (35 days)


Incredible introductory offer only €400 weekly cost, the normal price is still only €480

(ex utilities, inflation and Sink fund).




Total yearly Site Fees will be €1000 + utilities usage.


The site fees will of course fluctuate slightly depending on the national economy and will be reassessed annually to reflect market changes. They will be payable at the start of your year and then annually on that date thereafter.


The Site Fees can be divided into 3 parts:

Fixed fees:

These include general maintenance, insurances, taxes, administration and management, laundry costs, bed linen, 5 x 1 hour cleaning, Should the cleaning take less time it will be used for general maintenance, gardening or deep cleaning. Should it take more than 1 hour you will be charged for it. But it really shouldn't! There are two free weeks of the year which will be used to carry out any major changes and refurbishments if necessary.


Variable costs or utilities usage:

These are the electricity, gas, wood pellets and water etc. You will be charged for what you use. At time of writing we're hoping to install remotely readable meters that upload everything to a website every 15 minutes so you can monitor exactly what your getting. Should problems arise we'll endeavour to keep good records for everyone.


The Sink Fund of €150:

This is a pot that everyone puts into each year to cover repairs, replacements general wear & tear, investments and improvements etc. e.g. a new washing machine, repainting a room, buying an original Klimt etc. etc. obviously this is non refundable if you sell your fraction. We anticipate it'll cover everything needed over 25 years. We will have the final say in how it's allocated but obviously everyone will have input and we trust that common sensewill prevail. The idea is we all stay in touch and meet up yearly, via Skype or whatever, to evaluate how best to spend it. It should be more than enough to cover the predicted wear and tear.


Non-payment of site fees

Should any co-owners not pay their site fees on time their yearly week allocation will be revoked and used by us to hire the Gite commercially to replace the loss.





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